Free Backgammon

With the advancement of technology and the increase in popularity in online casinos and games, it was only natural that the most popular board game was to be included among these games. Backgammon is one of the most entertaining and fun games being sought out by players of all ages around the world. Backgammon history goes back centuries as a game played in either gambling or entertainment events. Although online casinos came into existence fairly recently, online backgammon has been in existence for much longer. TD-Backgammon was a new development in the 20th century with the introduction of the World Wide Web. It offered players the ability to save their games on a backgammon server as they played with players from around the world as a video game. The only requirement was for players to have internet access. Naturally backgammon then became a direct competition of other video games and drew the attention of youth who went on to play professionally.

Online Backgammon grew even further when it began to be included among the virtual games being offered by online casinos. Following the set backgammon rules, online players were able to enter any online backgammon game which featured a gambling element giving players the possibility to win large sums of money. Thanks to the various tournaments, championships and clubs being developed among the backgammon society, players are able to find ways to practice for fun before entering such major events. This is one of the many advantages to online backgammon. Players are able to play backgammon for free at any given time from any computer in the world just as long as they have internet access. In most cases, online players need not register or log into an account in order to play this popular board game. More often than not, players can simply enter one of the online casinos or online providers that offer backgammon, click on the game and begin playing with an automated opponent. In other cases, players may be required to log into an account and download the game before even being able to enter the practice mode of Backgammon with the gambling element included. In the case of entering a gambling version of backgammon, online players are handed a substantial amount of free credit with which they may begin playing and practicing the game before they commit themselves to real money play. In virtual backgammon, the virtual opponent is a computer generated opponent which runs on a random generation. This means that all results and moves are not controlled by any of the providers and are checked upon by authorities to make sure that no mishandlings take place during backgammon play. As no two rounds are the same, it is impossible for the system to pre-determine each individual player’s game play and moves.

Just like any backgammon game, the backgammon rules apply in the free and online board game. Players are handed fifteen checker pieces with which to play with. The pieces are automatically positioned in their initial places on the triangular points on the backgammon board. This is somewhat of an advantage to this version of backgammon as there is no time wasted in setting up the board before each round. As in backgammon game, players will need to roll one dice each in order to see who begins first. As the roll of the dice is also automated with a click of the ‘roll’ button, the numbers on the dice are also randomly generated. On either side of the board the player and virtual opponent’s pieces will be allocated so that the online player knows which pieces they are playing with. The game itself will be timed as it is a game which depends on strategy, luck and speed. Each player has an amount of a maximum of two minutes to roll and place their checker pieces as close as possible to the home boards located on either side of the backgammon board.

Each player will take it in turns to set the automated dice rolling and place their moves within the designated time. The game will follow the standard backgammon rules. Rules such as blotting will come into effect. This means that should a player leave a single checker piece alone on the board, the opponent will be able to hit that piece making the blot (the single hit piece) to begin from the beginning again. The blot is sent to sit on the bar in the middle of the backgammon board until the player rolls a number on the dice sufficient enough to free the blot and place it on a free point. The doubling of points is also another backgammon rule that comes into effect in free backgammon play. This enables players to move four times whenever a double number is rolled on the dice. This form of backgammon play will allow players to practice their strategy as luck will also depend on the automated dice. Players are able to play free backgammon for as long as they require as the game can be renewed from the beginning whenever the player chooses to.

In order to help guide the player in their game play, every time the dice is rolled and a checker piece is selected with the intention to move it, the game will highlight all the relevant moves of that particular piece. If a player is satisfied with the move, they will click on the button to submit their move and the game will continue. Should a player be unsatisfied with a move or has made a mistake, free backgammon gives players the option to undo their move by clicking on the ‘undo’ button. This will set the piece that was originally moved back to its place and the player would need to make a different move. If a player does not manage to make a move within the two minutes which are allocated to them then the player loses and the opponent wins. In the case of a backgammon game with a gambling element, there will be no assistance being offered by the online game. It will be completely up to the player to strategize and make correct moves as one would expect in a backgammon competition.